Customer Education



Recent "Tech Support" Scam -  Please be aware of a recent fraud trend that is circulating in our area. Customers have reported receiving an unsolicited phone call from a person claiming to be a representative of a reputable computer software or Anti-virus company. This caller will claim the customer’s computer is infected with malware and ask to be granted Remote Access to log into their PC and resolve the issue. Once this access is granted, the perpetrator can easily take control of their PC and infiltrate their Online Banking system, access saved passwords, download malicious software, and more. Don’t become a victim! Click here to learn more about this scam and find out how to protect yourself.


Recent Text Message ScamPlease be aware of a recent text message scam circulating in the area.  Victims have reported that they are receiving text messages claiming to be from their Financial Institution notifying them that their debit card is blocked.  They will likely ask you to reply to the message or call and verify your debit card number.  These are fraudulent messages.  Central Bank and Trust Co. will not text you and ask you to verify your card number.


We currently have a service which monitors card activity for red flags.  You may receive a call to verify large or unusual transactions.  If we are unable to verify these transactions, your card will be blocked until we can verify the activity.  We will not call or text to ask you to verify your card information.  If a lost or stolen card is reported to a branch location over the phone, we may ask you to come into a branch in order to dispute charges and/or request a new card.

If you have any questions regarding this notice or other scams, please contact us.